Professional Background
While I was still in college, I took a year off and went to Europe, where I studied English and traveled. As soon as I came back, I started working part-time at a language school, where I taught English, and at the BMX Federation of the State of São Paulo, where I was responsible for developing monthly press releases. Then, in 1990, I landed a job with Ábaco Marketing Research, where I assisted analysts through the entire process of qualitative and quantitative research: from briefing to writing reports, including planning, testing, selecting samples, carrying out interviews, processing questionnaires, and analyzing raw data. The work required the translation and localization of briefings, questionnaires, interviews and reports. In the following year, I got my CPE, and, in 1992, I decided to go freelance and went back to languages, teaching English for two years and a half.

In 1995, I was hired by the United States Department of Commerce, in São Paulo, to work as a Commercial Assistant. Given my previous experience and performance, I was soon promoted and became a Commercial Specialist, in charge of the following sectors: IT, Franchising, Sporting Goods and Household Consumer Goods (
a letter of reference may be found here). In spite of working full-time for the USDOC, I occasionally carried out translation assignments in the evenings.

In 1998, I decided to go freelance again and became a full-time translator. Since then, I have already helped over 50 companies achieve their communication goals in the following fields: advertising, marketing, marketing research, PR, corporate communications, stock market and IT.